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Appointments with our Specialist

Dr Isolde Hertess
*Referral required

Common reasons for seeing a Specialist:

  • Initial consult or review with specialist
  • Concerned about a spot and want a specialist opinion
  • Advice regarding treatments such as injectable, PDT, laser, or surgical options
  • Surgery performed by surgeon (in-hospital or in-clinic)

Phone: (07) 5601 0492


Email: email/enquiry)(



Appointments with our General Practitioner and Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor                                                                       


Common Reasons for seeing Dr Stapelberg:                                                                                                                        



  • Initial or follow up full body skin check
  • Concern about a skin spot and want an opinion
  • Referral from GP regading opinion of a skin spot or treatment of a skin cancer
  • Advice regarding treatment of skin cancer or referral to our Plastic Surgeon
  • Excision of skin cancer (in-clinic)

Phone: (07) 5601 0495         Email: email/enquiry)(



Our Locations

Gold Coast South, Tugun

Suite 601A, Level 6,
John Flynn Specialist Suites

Entry opposite Ramsay Pharmacy
John Flynn Hospital
42 Inland Drive, TUGUN QLD 4224

GP/Skin Cancer Doctor Appointments: (07) 5601 0495

Specialist Appointments: (07) 5601 0492

Gold Coast North, Benowa

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